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⚖️ Libra + 👾 The Old Internet

Hello, Simone here. This is The Hoomanist Digest. Ready for a curated list of links worth your time?

The Hoomanist Digest

June 29 · Issue #10 · View online
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Hello, Simone here. This is The Hoomanist Digest. Ready for a curated list of links worth your time? And don’t forget the End Note (and a quote)!

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Top Pick
⚖️ Facebook, Libra, and the Long Game
Handpicked Links
🧬 CRISPR Babies: When Will the World Be Ready?
👾 Welcome to the Old Internet Again!
🖕 I Will Not Read Your Fucking Script
🌲 Amazon Wins ‘.amazon’ Domain Name, Aggravating South American Region
📷 I’m 20. I Have 32 Half Siblings. This Is My Family Portrait.
End Note (And a Quote)
Know, first, who you are. And then adorn yourself accordingly.
— Epictetus
Sometimes, right after a podcast guest thanks me for the invite, I tell them “Oh no, you’re the one doing me a favor”. Some think I’m joking, but others can see that I am very serious.
Newsletter, podcast, and the upcoming Hoomanist Community are all focused on other people. It’s intentional. I needed to shift from trying to share my story to enabling other people to share theirs. Learning to be a better listener is my practice. But that’s the point: if I am being honest, if I am being really honest… “Helping others” is just another way to find personal meaning and purpose. If I drop all the rationalizations, isn’t almost everything I do about that?
If we can’t escape the mechanism of self-realization, the next best thing to do is to observe it. And to accept it. What’s wrong about doing something for yourself? Nothing, except lying about it. Once all the imaginary reasons and logical justifications are dropped, what remains is… yourself.
If you are being honest, if you’re being really honest, what do you consistently care about in life? What’s the reason behind anything you do?
Best from Chicago,

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